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Ok, three things for this update. First, i have a C++ assignment due in a couple of days (or tomorrow, actually) which I havn’t started, so now would be a *very* good time. Unfortunatly the network (which started working again at 9:30am) has stopped working again. *sigh* it left me with exactly the right amount of time to upload the updates I mentioned and screw up the Header file (hence the multiple “News” things above)

In other, neater news the Missing Chapter of Worlds Apart (My Epic fanfic set in David Eddings’ Belgariad world) has been uploaded and can be found here

So what are these fantastic updates then? Could it be another poem? Yes, it is. An Ode to the flat above:

I live on the ground floor,
with a bastard in the flat above,
who’s dance anthums rock his world,
with the basslines he seems to love,

I would quite like to go up there,
and smash speakers with his head,
but I really cannot be arsed to,
So I sit and write poems instead,

Its when at 2 in the morning,
with his Armand Van Heldan CD,
He decides to use the full volume,
which is really irritating to me,

I could phone the Resident Tutors,
about Noise in the Quiet type zone,
but I really don’t need the hassle,
and in 12 days I get to go home.,

As well as a short essay on Wot I Dun on my Weekend (Aka, Nick’s Report on the Sunderland Student Games 2000) And that, as far as today’s entry is concerned, is it. Unless I decide to come in this evening 🙂

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