It’s been a while since I redesigned the site, so I’m redesigning the site a bit.

I realise that the number of people who read this actually on Aquarionics is as close to zero as to make few odds, but I mention it anyway.


Clackity Noise

Okay, so I’ve stopped writing.

It’s not just here, it’s everywhere, really. I’m not making any progress on any of the things I should be writing or doing, the stuff, the actual *plan* that means I’m not turning computers off and on again for thirty more years. The plan. (Er, I’m sorry if you’re one of the people I turn things off and on again for on occasion, especially if you pay me to do it). Code, fiction or anything else, it’s all got lost in the turnaround the last year or so’s been.

I need to make the clackity noise happen again. (TL;DR: Typing makes a clackity noise, and then words appear. Stories come out of words. Real, pretend or a mash of the two).

I managed to rewrite the first part of The Story last week, which has served me well. Unfortunatly it’s the same bit of the story as I had before, only this time with a better idea of what it is, which helps, but doesn’t actually advance me any. It’s still, when you boil down to it, the story of a man on a train.

In just under two weeks, Aquarionics dot com will be ten years old. It is already the single longest project I’ve ever worked on, and contains a lot of stuff I want to continue to exist, and continue to do. The way to make this happen is to try to do what I was doing back when I had actual readers, which is write stuff.

So, there may be a few more boring stories here, instead of me trying to make stuff interesting, and I’m sorry about that, but it’ll get better. Or, at least, I hope so.

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Angle Brackets

Coding Horror – The Angle Bracket Tax vs. ESF, now coming up to its sixth birthday with no revision.

Coming up on Aquarionics:

* Dante 01
* GTA4 & XBoxes
* Pareidol
* Your Interface Sucks.

… as soon as I get around to writing this stuff.

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London has elected Boris Johnson mayor of London.

This is Not Good. However, I am – from now – reserving judgement until he actually manages to screw up. Clock starts in three and a third hours.

New design is New, and is light and airy and calm, which is nice. It’s also simple, which is even nicer. I’ve still got to fix the right hand column, which is a bit texty and stark. I’ve also got to fix my admin system, which is displaying all text boxes at 40 characters wide, which is annoying. New things include the replaced Gallery (Well, part of it. Actual viewing of sets and pictures is still handed over to Flickr, but that’ll change when I get another burst of arsedness)

As I mentioned, I have bought GTA4, and a 360 to play it on. I fail at resistance to shiny. However, I haven’t had much of a chance to play on it due to going places and doing things. I shall fix this now.

I went to GameCamp London, which was fun. There are photos on Flickr and in the gallery.

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New Comments

Okay, new Comments interface now live.

Magic thing that detects Livejournal usericons for people who use their LJ as the URL has been temporarily disabled until I convince it to stop ass-raping LJ’s servers (in LJ’s opinion. Aquarionics’ server has now got a 24 hour ban from LJ. Which would improve it’s productivity were it human).

The new interface passes the acid test of stupid length comments threads, and now gives an indication of the time distance between comments.

It remains the only threaded comment system on my feeds list, apart from LJ, which interests me a lot. I wonder why the major locally-hosted blogging engines all stick to linear comments?

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Happy New Year

May the next twelve months be better than the preceding twelve months, and may that always be true.


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Damn Lies

Popular Statistics state that I start too many journal entries with the word “So”.

Also, Google’s fairly new charts API suffers from lack of debugging information. The bit where the canvas area has to be less than 300,000 pixels keeps catching me out, and “Your client has issued a malformed or illegal request.” may be true, but is less than helpful…

(Existence of “Im” and “Ive” in the above linked page is related to the statistics system, not my abuse of the English punctuation system. Mostly).

Also, going back though the archives, this is historically the week I add features to the site. It disturbs me that I’m this predictable.

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Redesign Aq15

Stripped back, back to blues, purples and (for reasons best known to the bits of my brain that aren’t talking to me) orangey-salmon-pink.

Epistula’s implementation – finally – of a views system means I can have different templates for the front page and the rest of the site, which is handy, so the front page becomes all about the latest article and a more traditional weblog down the left hand side, a host of things I’ve favourited on Youtube, added to, star’d in Google Reader, Deviantart, taken photos of and added to flickr or – hopefully – liked at all. That’s being merged together by Venus, Sam Ruby’s fork of Planet.

Coming up: Indicators on the Otherwhere panels to show where it came from and when, a return of the AqCom sections and Recent Comments bits, a redesign of the Comments field and the implementation of the old banners into the new banner area for areas where specific banners apply.

Plus, it’s not pink.

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Edit This Site part II

Current notable versions, and indeed only versions:

* Original
* AqCom redesigned to look like Bent Back Tulips

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Edit this site

Open source applications. Epistula – the engine that runs this site – has just got its new trac install & SVN repo, as has AqWiki and my other projects. Yay.

So I’ve joined them up, and opened the first public aqwiki instance.

You can now edit the main CSS file on this wiki page over here. Go forth, redesign my site