It’s been a while since I redesigned the site, so I’m redesigning the site a bit.

I realise that the number of people who read this actually on Aquarionics is as close to zero as to make few odds, but I mention it anyway.

6 replies on “Redesign”

Not too keen on the London backdrop – a tad cliche – but like the rest. And, um, reading in situ. (Also, error page of “No name/email” could be touched up to conform, I just found.)

Much approval.

Chromium on Ubuntu 10.04 .
‘atoll’ in white is displaying on top of ‘redesign’ in black. I wish it wouldn’t.

I wish the gherkin was rotated slightly so that it only had 2 red lights, like eyes, and then every now and then would have an animated mouth….. 😉

Looks really nice. Only a small problem: When the black text of a topic ends up over the forest on the left it is really hard to read it… Other than that I really like it 🙂

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