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(All of these search terms have been used to get to AqCom in the last six months)

jenson button girlfriend until 2000

Was he? And now he’s winning the grand prix!

ed2k food of love

If ed2k be the food of love, it’s a food full of bad porn.

downside of aquarian personality

Well, it has a regretable tendancy towards overanalysis, with a slight habit of.. oh, right. Yes.

smittens aquarion

Who is? I wish to know.

power of aquarion


my goldfish is rubbing itself on the gravel

rock song “do do do do do do do”

You are likely to be out of luck with that one.

why miss jones without your glasses, you’re beautiful

… she always is, isn’t she?

“google api”“how long”“like that”“take to write”

A long time.

confucius cheesecake

Half naked philosphers?

“you scare the shit out of me”

Google, so do you.

how to draw ponies

How the hell would I know?

secrets in css to make ur aim more accurate

position: absolute;

new aquarion

Are you sure you’ve finished with the old one?

fruit fucker

I am not a fruit fucker, I’m a fruit fucker owner.

would an ear wig deafen you if it went into your ear

No, but then again most people have natural ear hair.

how to reverse around corner tips

Corner tips are very small, so use a car with power steering.

i dreamed of a circle of blue swirling within it

Er, good.

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