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A simple question:

Where does iTunes store my list of Podcast Subscriptions?

Whilst at LUGRadio Live there was a wireless network in the main area, which I connected to. Unfortunately it was one of those which automatically redirected you straight to a login page for every request you put though it. It did this with 302 headers.

So when iTunes decided to update my podcasts it went up to the network, requested the URL, got a redirect and then decided this redirect was the new URL for the Podcast, so now I’m subscribed to a dozen podcasts at wirescanner.wlv.ac.uk.

I could unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the casts, but that will involve losing my archive, a lot of which aren’t in the feed anymore. The feeds don’t appear to be kept in the iTunes xml file, and I’m currently running a grep -R wirescanner / over my entire hard drive to see where the hell it could be. Google is being no help either.

Since I can see my next answer being “Use Free Software”, I shall start my defense now by saying that I use Banshee at work, and I’ve tried rhythmbox, juk and all of the others. None of them do all I need them to.

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