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From the live music archive, Griffin House and other people singing a happy song called Volkswagen: (If you can’t see this, try the website)

Thirty, part one of thirty I have spent three days being fifteen people, most of them dead. I will explain later.

Because if it’s going to be spinning around my head, I might as well make it spin around other people’s heads: Simon Rogers: The Theme From BBC’s ‘Hustle’

The mp3 of the introduction to Monkey Island III Because it was one of the best bits, and I’m playing MI4.

From the Capitol Steps, to the tune of the Beach Boys’ ‘Kokomo’: Guantanamo

So, I’m sat here at work, and it’s Talk Like Pirate Day. So I’m going to do what I did last time I mentioned it. The Pirate Training Day sketch Which is _my_ MP3, despite the fact that someone called…

I’ve been lax in the MP3 of the week thing, so: EFO – Rolling Pin Avenue Q – Schadenfreude ELO + Pink – Get This Party Started mashup

For various reasons, none of which I’m going to explain here. The MP3 of the whatever. Eddie from Ohio, covering Bob Dylan’s Don’t think twice

Because it’s important to revere history and worship it in faith and sincerity: The Churchill Rap