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People keep asking me to do the 25 things meme. Or Tagging me, or something. Since Linus Torvolds – of all people – used my idea on how to do it best, I’m going to do it differently. All things

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On Youtube, there is an archive of videos of Tom Lehrer performing. This is him performing songs you’ve not heard before, even if you have the full box set: Part two can be found here Tom Lehrer is eighty today.

Translation into Gamer of Matthew Paul Thomas’s Translation from cranky-speak into English of a selected portion of Mark Pilgrim’s ‘Silly season’ : Adobe Apollo and Microsoft Silverlight are the HyperCard of the 21st century. Translation: Platf0rm 1ndepen-c is roxxor teh

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Lolcats Analysis of Lolcat grammar Lolgays Lolgeeks … and we’re done.

Someone has put a maze of monkey puzzle trees between my house and the law enforcement training academy, in order to protect us from the noise. Police are baffled.

Women are funnier than men verses Men are funnier than women Culture Wars! Round X! FIGHT! (Different people are funny in different ways. News at 11)

Until further notice BA has halted all flights from the UK. BA announced: “I ain’t getting on no god damn plane you crazy fool!” (Via Random)

I am going to Maelstrom for the hotest weekend of the year (Not that there’s a hell of a lot of competition). How would you like your Aquarion: baked, boiled or fried? For the They Who Evolve World Cup Sweepstakes,

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Podcast of the week? Something like that. 360 Records’s Podcast [iTunes Link] has been the soundtrack to my commute for a little while now, it’s a mix of this small record label’s latest and best releases. It’s encoded with Apple’s

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