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This website is 21 years old today.

It’s possible that this is the year I get around to writing more on it. But I’ve said that before.

21 years ago, it was a direct copy of my old netmanor site, and therefore looked roughly like this.

Happy holidays.

  1. Woah. Just found out my old writings are still in the storytime vault. https://old.aquarionics.com/misc/vault/greyscale/archive/storytime/index.html

    I remember the thrill of trying to write a part of a story called Greyscale, not in my native language and just the overall sense of connecting in a way. Of being “published” somewhere online. Haha. Oh, how the first years of the internet were so novel and wondrous… I was 18 then. Good times.
    I still write a bit nowadays, and still play D&D, even. 1999 was the year I started playing in fact. A toast to good ol’ 1999 and being 18 (& drinking age is 16 here)!

    “Aquarion”, I don’t know you, but I’m glad you’re still kicking it. :^)

    Jelle /yelluh/

  2. Happy belated birthday!

    I found your site back in 2003/2004 after you wrote about misusing CDF files as feeds and I implemented it on my own. My blog’s well into its 20s now, too, and I very rarely find a link from its early years that still works, so I was delighted when yours did!

    Then I hit up your “about” page and had a “Whaaaaa!” moment. For I, too, am a forty-something tech generalist and roleplayer in Oxford.

    Anyway, just wanted to give you a wave and a hat tip for “sticking at it”.

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