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Another day, another design. A couple of known errors:

  • It looks crap in IE. Yeah, we know. Not sure why, working on it.
  • There is a line down the middle of the header in Gecko-based-browsers. Yeah, we know that too. That’s because IE can’t count, so the left hand side is 50% and the right is 49.9%, because if left+right are both 50% IE has to put them on two lines because, you know, 50+50 > 100.
  • The Aquibble logo still isn’t here. That’s because I don’t have the vector graphic of it on this machine. It Will Return.
  • The bars in the menus on Gecko are black, but the end point is white. Why? Search me. I’m only the designer. I said “color: white !important” and our survay said “no”. Working on it.
  • If you’re still working on it, why did you put it up? The entire internet is a work in progress, man, full of potential and stuff, and what is blogging but an attempt to justify the universes we inhabit? Woah, deep. I’ll have to write that one down. Anyway, I work better with people telling me what doesn’t work. Besides which, I was bored. Besides which, it’s my website. Neh.
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