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So, as is traditional I spend my christmas holidays playing with epistula. Now I have referer tracking turned working again.

The problem with referer tracking is extracting the data from log files. When the server had mod_log_sql it was easy (I have an entire log stats suite built for mod_log_sql), but since log_sql doesn’t support Apache 2 yet (A patch to make it do so was released yesterday. It remains untested) I had to brush off my extremely limited perl skillz to create this, a perl program to send apache logs to mysql:

use DBD::mysql;

#Database options:
$dbUser = "username";
$dbPass = "password";
$dbName = "database";

$database = DBI->connect(
$dbUser, $dbPass

while (<>) {

my ($client, $identuser, $authuser, $date, $method,
$url, $protocol, $status, $bytes, $referer,$agent) =
/^(S+) (S+) (S+) [(.*?)] "(S+) (.*?) (S+)" (S+) (S+) "(.*?)" "(.*?)"$/;

$q = "insert into apachelogs
(remote_host, remote_user, request_time, request_method,
request_uri, request_protocol, status, bytes_sent, referer, agent)
(".$database->quote($client).", ".$database->quote($authuser).", '"
.$date."', ".$database->quote($method).", ".$database->quote($url)
.", ".$database->quote($protocol).", ".$database->quote($status)
.", ".$database->quote($bytes).", ".$database->quote($referer)
.", ".$database->quote($agent).")";

my $sth = $database->prepare($q);


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