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I’ve been Spanish-Inquisitioning on this post all day. The draft of it started “I have three types of readers”, which quickly became “I have five” then “I have six”, then the heady heights of “I have seven”. Realising I have more than seven readers, however, I had to expand on this slightly.

Wandering though my stats for the purposes of a Usenet post, I was thinking about the people who are reading this tripe at the moment. If we were to draw a Venn diagram of my readership, it would have $foo circles, where $foo is the number of circles I get when I describe it this time.

  • People who want to know how I’m doing.
  • People who want to know /what/ I’m doing.
  • People who want to be entertained
  • Google
  • Me

    You don’t have to be in any single one of those groups, in fact you may be in up to three (I doubt anyone who is Google is also in the mood for entertainment and I am not Google). The balancing act appears to be keeping category 3, since categories 1 and 2 appear to be catered for. Category 4 something I’m actually going to have to filter somehow, and Category 5 is something of a captive audience.

    Category 4 I have a couple of problems with. Of all the pages on the Geekstuff server where Aquarionics is hosted, Aquarionics is now the biggest. Before Aquarionics was the biggest, a site called “Wibble UK” was the biggest. When Wibble closed down, and we moved servers, the site went away and so now when you go to wibble.co.uk, you get the default site for the Geekstuff server.

    The default site for Geekstuff is www.aquarionics.com.

    Lots of people liked wibble, including Google, so wibble went away with a high pagerank. Net result of this is that Aquarionics is spidered four times as often as it should be, as www.aquarionics.com. www.wibble.co.uk, programming.bleurgh.net and various others. On top of this, people like Dorathea link to me, meaning that Google thinks my witterings are worth anything. Tot this all up, and strange things happen like Aqcom becoming the worlds numberone authority – by Google, the only standard that matters – for the phrase ‘I Hate Dominos’ purely because of a comment that someone made three folds down.

    Anyway, to keep categories 1 and 2 happy:

    This weekend was fun. Saturday we (Me and Lonecat) wandered up to see Pol & Supermouse and watch Eurovision with Añejo, Adrian ccooke, James Green and his other half Nikki. It was fun, it was tacky (Incredibly so. Mouse redecorated the sitting room in glitter and made party-food, and served chicken-inna-basket and such things) and we got Nil Points. A Good Time Was Had By All.

    Next day we went to see Matrix Reloaded which isn’t as good as it thinks it is, but is still cool, had dinner and jelly and went home.

    Today I have been adding things to Epistula, including Descriptions (Short summeries for every post that will trump content-extracts for RSS feeds and Trackbacks), and I’m working on CutIDs and the reviews system.

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