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About Aquarionics

Aquarionics was founded at the beginning of 2000 (We opened on January 1st) as my (see below) home page. There is a whole other document on it’s history, but basically, it’s my home page. It’s where I, Nicholas ‘Aquarion’ Avenell, put things up on the web. Ranging from things I write, things I once composed, to things I once coded and now code. It’s powered by Epistula, a reasonably powerful and obviously cool weblog engine/content management system. I know it’s cool, I made it.

Once I could say that I wrote everything on this site. That’s no longer true, since LoneCat’s Diary (also powered by Epistula) is here, but also now because people are adding stories to Forever, the continuous multibranching story system. Most of it, however, is still mine. There’s about 100mb of content around, so it may take you a while to read all of it…

Now you to can see how Aquarionics looked at the end of January 1999, Febuary 2000, and May 2000

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About Aquarion

Aquarion is a Graphic Designer & Web Developer contractor living in Cambridge, England. He has far too many projects, including an impossible database, an even more impossible content management system, and a frankly scary PIM. He enjoys writing (both stories and code), designing websites, watching movies, reading books, hanging around with friends and scaring people.
All claims that he is not a geek are truely heartfelt and generally sent though his personally-coded high-featured, CSS, HTML4, P3P, RSS, XML-RPC and WAI-AA supporting website at Aquarionics.com.

Geekwise, he runs Debian on his server, Slackware & Windows 2000 on his main box, and PalmOS on his PDA, He has a habit of talking in the third person.

He is currently 21, slightly overweight, attached, and worried that Aquarionics appears to be gathering groupies. There is a whole slew of questions you might want answering about him here.

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