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Soaked S.U.D.S

Soaked S.U.D.S

Feeling slightly delicate this morning. Can’t think why

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And another wednesday. All I have to do is survive for another…

And another wednesday. All I have to do is survive for another 3 (3!) days and my life as a student here will be over.

except exams, obviously

Ahh exams, those deep dark holes of despair on an otherwise happy smily landscape. Life is evil.
So I sit here in my Visual Basic Tutorial, waiting fot Godot, because my Visual Basic project is now too advanced for the computers here in the University. *sigh* Now I may have to out of this rapidly if my lecturer decides to walk my way. Why can’t they just leave me alone to play?

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Today I have:

  • Designed one (1) table and one (1) form for a database project I am one sixth (1/6) of, which is due in tomorrow.
  • Sent a couple of online comics into the general direction of Cool Things
  • Spent about three (3) hours surfing the ‘net.
  • Done two (2) diary entries, or Blogs, as I could call them now.

yes, I am bored out of my skull, why do you ask? After all, I have one more lecture to attend before I go home.
It’s raining.
Since this is apparently going to go on Blogger’s Home Page, i suppose most of you will never have heard of Sunderland, which is where I am currently attending University.

It’s wet.

Not only because it has a river running though it is it wet, it is wet because it rains, it’s nasty because it’s windy, and it’s dead because it’s dangerous.

The main reason for this little outburst is because it’s raining, and I havn’t got my coat, so I have to wait for the bus home which arrives in… exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes.


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Hey ho. Daily update resolution still active

Hey ho. Daily update resolution still active 🙂
Greetings earthlings! No, I havn’t been drinking.
I havespent 6 hours on an assignment due in today (and finished, I might add) a couple of hours catching up on Alt.Fan.Eddings, but mainly I spent today Nodeing on Everything 2. Or rather, wandering arround reading other peoples nodes and occationally posting one of my own. It’s fun, It’s kinda like a huge database of people’s thoughts on subjects, it’s a huge interlinked database. It’s Cool!

In other news, my What’s Cool page is online. Basically, if I find something I like, I press a button on my browser and it’s added into the blog. It’s at so go there.

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Ahh, Monday morning, life is boring.

Ahh, Monday morning, life is boring.
I have just spent an interesting weekend working 18 hours a day whilst still geting nothing actually done. I have finished a whole new version of my Sig generator, Quoth, and that is due for release in a day or two (I have a file missing which is stopping me running the setup wizard, which is irritating).

I now have only 5 (count them, 1, 2, 3 , 4, 5) days remaining until the non-stop rollercoaster ride that will be my Easter Holidays begins. On the downside, my M$ keyboard is still in the land of the dead, which means that I may be forced to go another $60 into my overdraft (which is only

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Since I have discovered Blogger

Since I have discovered Blogger (click the link below for details) I am using that for the diary. It still means I compose it on my notebook, type it up at home, and then paste it in, but it means I no longer have to wade though my HTML to do it. Which is nice.

Anyhue, Yesterday’s Diary entry:

Some how, in the infinate causality of the universe and such, I managed to spill tea on my Keyboard. Now, the M$ Keyboard I use is probably one of the only M$ Products I use on a reguler basis (along with my Intelieye mouse and Word97) and I have no complaints whatsoever, it is comfortable, useable, and totally unwaterproof. Or, more precisly, Tea proof. Therefore the blasted thing is sitting about three feet to my left, on my windowsill, after having been washed clean, drying in the Sunderland Sun, which, sadly, is currently hiding behind a bank of clouds in the same way it does most days.
So I am typing on my old Acer non ergonomic, non nice, almost non-usable keyboard cheifly because the Shift keys & keypad wern’t working on the other. This limits todays entry.


“One more week to go,
One more week of sorrow,
One more week until we break for easter,
6 more days tomorrow!”

You could call this a Hard Week. With one assignment deadline this week, two next week, the locking of my Network Account, as well as what can, and should, basically be described as “Other Stuff” I want to go home, Now.

I have been forced to add another name to the Hall of Shame (which I may even post) of mail order suppliers that are, to coin a phrase, totally useless. That company is Don’t even go there, don’t buy anything. I ordered a DVD Drive from them about a week ago and it still hasn’t arrived. Not a suprise, really, 28 days for delivery and all that, but I discovered that they removed the money from my Visa on the same day I sent my first complaining E-Mail. Odd that. If I don’t get a reply to my e-mail tommorrow, I am going to have to phone them Monday, which I don’t want to do, mainly because I will have to do it with my Mobile, and that will cost a bomb. Gah. Horrible Companies.

In other news, Mandrake has been ordered, and my computer will be penguined soon.