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Today I have:

  • Designed one (1) table and one (1) form for a database project I am one sixth (1/6) of, which is due in tomorrow.
  • Sent a couple of online comics into the general direction of Cool Things
  • Spent about three (3) hours surfing the ‘net.
  • Done two (2) diary entries, or Blogs, as I could call them now.

yes, I am bored out of my skull, why do you ask? After all, I have one more lecture to attend before I go home.
It’s raining.
Since this is apparently going to go on Blogger’s Home Page, i suppose most of you will never have heard of Sunderland, which is where I am currently attending University.

It’s wet.

Not only because it has a river running though it is it wet, it is wet because it rains, it’s nasty because it’s windy, and it’s dead because it’s dangerous.

The main reason for this little outburst is because it’s raining, and I havn’t got my coat, so I have to wait for the bus home which arrives in… exactly 2 hours and 10 minutes.


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