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Wow, this weblog thing is fun!
Take a gander at Bloggers home page, thousands of people do them Daily! scary! Yey, it looks like today is a day of over using the exclaimation mark, which is probably bad.
There is a logical reason for this however, today is my last(!) day(!) at(!) Sunderland(!) until(!) after(!) Easter(!!!!). Which is cool, de’groovy, top-happy, fabulous, and good. In more and other news, Aquarionics is heading for a major (read, complete and total) re-design over easter. I have no idea what I want it to be, however, and that is causing problems. I think I might just change it from lots of little sites to one big one. This idea has arrived in the last 10 minutes, and so negates 3 days of desgining graphics for the revision. This is bad, as a general thing, because it means I have wasted my time, but is good coz I can now waste more. In fact, I think this diary is going to become the main page of Aquarionics. Hmm.

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