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I have previously been accused of “NIH” syndrome.

“Not Invented Here”, a state whereby you refuse do something one way because it’s someone elses.

And to some extent that’s true. I don’t use Blogger anymore because Aquarionics grew beyond it, and the custom system allows for more fun things than the old system did.

However, the more recent additions to the site – the linklog subsystem, the moblog subsystem (Which is, in fact, merely the webcam subsystem with a new name) have never had the time and effort spent on them that they deseve. Besides which, Del.icio.us and Flickr both do the jobs better and are much nicer in a sort of “All together” type social structure.

Plus, tagging is neat.

The Linklog has been Delicious for a while now, and now the Moblog has Flickrd into existance, plus – as you may have noticed – I can post to the journal directly from my Futurephone


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