Dark Light
  1. I am going to Maelstrom for the hotest weekend of the year (Not that there’s a hell of a lot of competition). How would you like your Aquarion: baked, boiled or fried?
  2. For the They Who Evolve World Cup Sweepstakes, I have drawn the Ivory Coast. Who are doomed, for no better reason than their connection to me.
  1. Every so often I obsess over songs and grab all the covers I can find. iTunes’ Music Store is bad for me for this reason. I am not, apparently, the only person to do this. Thirteen covers of The Smith’s ‘There is a light that never goes out’

    More things:

  • The new Aquarionics design (v12) is mocked up and sitting in PSP. Soon, I will get around to implementing the blasted thing.
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