This is a video about Procrastination, which I’m posting because I failed to finish the article about Saints Row 3 that I was going to post today:


(Video found via Rory Parle)


Stand back superman, batman, spiderman

The secret origins of Supergran:

And the full theme tune:

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Mothers and pie

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK, and Pi day everywhere.

So, in lieu of actual content the Paul and Storm “Mother’s Day” song, as performed at the concert I went to:

And also, Hard & Phirm’s song “Pi”

and I start my new job tomorrow.

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Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is the name given to an animation of the text of some kind of speech or performance. I quite like them, so here are some.

Remember, Remember it’s the 5th of November, and so we start with V’s introduction from V for Vendetta:

Pretty much the most famous example is the “What?” scene from Pulp Fiction:

The funniest – assuming you like quickfire wordplay, and you may be in the wrong place if you don’t – is the classic Who’s On First?

and the least comfortable is the Chemical Burn from Fight Club

but there are loads more.

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Magic Trees, Level II

A while ago, I invented a concept of “Magic Trees”, named after the story of a vicar who chopped down a 140 year old tree and justified it by saying “A paedophile might have been hiding behind it”. This was later expanded to include invisible terrorists.

This morning a different story caught my attention. A social network site I’ve never heard of has recently banned a large number of its users over 36, possibly all of them, because:

Having discussed the use of our website with the home office and the police, and further some pretty serious crimes caused by older users, we were left with no option but to terminate a huge amount of accounts, and without notice, immediately. We understand that only a minority of older users are sex offenders, but you must understand that we cannot tell which – we can only delete all to make the site safe and we apologise for that. However, we are following the law and you cannot think we are wrong for doing that.

Basically, there is the the new legislation requiring sex offenders to have their details held by the government (Under the “But we would never let that data leave officialdom” clause we know so well) and there is a blindingly stupid proposal to require social network sites to validate against a pre-existing list of known email addresses belonging to sex offenders. The original database is scary in and of itself, I have enough trouble getting off SMS spam lists, and those have a documented legal procedure. If your address – physical or metaworld – is in that database you’re many degrees of screwed, but the blindingly stupid addition of requiring email addresses?

I have currently got three email addresses I look at on a day to day basis. Without thinking too long about it, I can think of a dozen that will get to me eventually, plus another few that won’t anymore (like my old uni address, or my Evolving Media or BrowserAngel addresses) I could have signed up for another dozen in the time it’s taken you to skim-read this article.

Not only that, but this proposal is just that, a proposal yet to go though the bad ideas filter. Now, the social network providing this story, which is known as “Faceparty” and I’m not going to link to, claims they were dived upon by “A gang of paedophiles” who attacked their younger audience. If I was uncharitable, and I’m tending towards so, I’d wonder if this actually happened, or is a pre-emptive strike, or – even less charitably – if it’s all an attempt to get people to realise they exist. Browsing their site as a non-user, it does appear that they enjoy pushing a reputation for “edgy”. Their front page featured article links though to a page using the current-most-forbidden word (Four letters, begins with C, Rhymes with stunt, as in “Publicity”) as punctuation, and it’s all… very…


Of course, it’s entirely plausable that this is a genuine over-reaction to a genuine problem they were having with paedophiles and my cynical analisis that it’s all a publicity drive under the pretext of chopping down a magic tree could be entirely off the mark, but I’m not linking to them anyway.

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The brain from inside it

This is a video of a neurologist talking about self-analysis while she had a stroke:

I enjoyed the self-realisation more than the slightly moralistic ending, but it’s pretty cool none the less

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Okay, so, Every single american I know is smart, aware of other cultures, and not a victim of selective editing.


Via M, New housemate

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Music memes

Memes! That’s what I can do!

Stolen from Carrie, incidentally.

So, the rules of this one are:

  1. Load up all your music.
  2. Stick it on shuffle/random
  1. For each question, answer with the next track that plays.

    I was planning on cheating for this, but in the end I really, really didn’t need to…

    How does the world see me? :

    “Left me for dead – Rob Dougan”

    You didnt stop to look round
    You were gone before I hit the ground
    You went on your way
    And no prayer was said
    Ah, you left me for dead

    Will I have a happy life? :

    “Will I? – Rent OST

    Will I Lose My Dignity
    Will Someone Care
    Will I Wake Tomorrow
    From This Nightmare?

    What do my friends really think of me? :

    “National Brotherhood Week – Tom Lehrer”

    But during National Brotherhood Week
    National Brotherhood Week
    New Yorkers love the Puerto Ricans
    ‘Cause it’s very chic
    Step up and shake the hand
    Of someone you can’t stand
    You can tolerate him if you try

    Do people secretly lust after me? :

    “Friscko – Skullfuck”

    How can I make myself happy? :

    “Ski Sunday (Drum & Bass Mix) – Diffusion”

    What should I do with my life? :

    “Please Shut Up – Mike Spencer”

    That is the message I deliver to little kids
    Your gonna become famous and never know what talent is.
    Of course they gonna like you, of course they do!
    Your like a cartoon version of Ricky Schroder on Silver Spoons!

    Will I ever have children? :

    “Bob the Builder vs Eminem – Diffusion”

    What is some good advice for me? :

    “Son of a Gun – Yazbek” (Originally The La’s)

    If you want I’ll sell you a life story
    About a man who’s at loggerheads with his past all the time
    He’s alive and living in purgatory
    All he’s doing is rooming up in hotels
    And scooping up lots of wine

    How will I be remembered? :

    ”(I’m always touched by your) Presents – Syd Straw” (Orig: Blondie)

    Was it destiny
    I don’t know yet
    Was it just by chance? Could this be Kismet?
    Something in my consciousness told me you’d appear
    Now I’m always touched by your presence dear

    What is my signature dance song? :

    “Gaudete – Mediaeval Baebes”

    Gaudete, gaudete
    Christus est natus
    ex Maria Virgine: Gaudete
    Tempus adest gratiae, Hoc quod optabamus;
    Carmina laeticiae Devote redamus.

    What do I think my current theme song is? :

    “No Matter Who You Vote For (The Govenment Always Gets In) – Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band”

    Noises on the radio
    Megaphones on cars
    Sermons from the Street of Shame
    Know-it-alls in bars
    Posters in suburbia
    Experts on t.v.
    Don’t let them disturb-i-ya
    They’re just the powers that be

    What song will play at my funeral? :

    “An Angel Returned – Trans-Siberian Orchestra”

    It was the glow of a light
    It was the heart of a song
    It was the tear of a child
    Where they never belonged
    It was the wish of a soul
    On an old neon light
    And the Lord smiled at him
    On that cold winter night

    What type of people do I like to date ? :

    “Convoy – C.W McCall”

    Was the dark of the moon, on the sixth of June
    In a Kenworth, pullin’ logs
    Cabover Pete with a reefer on
    And a Jimmy haulin’ hogs
    We ‘as headin’ fer bear on I-One-Oh
    ‘Bout a mile outta Shaky-Town
    I sez Pig-Pen, this here’s the Rubber Duck
    An’ I’m about to put the hammer on down

    What is my day going to be like?

    “Dirty Business – Dresden Dolls”

    She’s the kind of girl who looks for love in all the lonely places
    The kind who comes to poker pockets stuffed with kings and aces
    She’s the kind of girl who only asks you over when its raining
    Just to make you lie there catching water dripping from the ceiling

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Black Ops Drummers

Go to BBC Scotland’s Military Tattoo page, then click on “Top Secret Drum Corps”, then watch the video.

They have black drums and neat hats

(via the monestary)

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