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This is a video about Procrastination, which I’m posting because I failed to finish the article about Saints Row 3 that I was going to post today:   (Video found via Rory Parle)

The secret origins of Supergran: And the full theme tune:

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK, and Pi day everywhere. So, in lieu of actual content the Paul and Storm “Mother’s Day” song, as performed at the concert I went to: And also, Hard & Phirm’s song “Pi” and

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Kinetic typography is the name given to an animation of the text of some kind of speech or performance. I quite like them, so here are some. Remember, Remember it’s the 5th of November, and so we start with V’s

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A while ago, I invented a concept of “Magic Trees”, named after the story of a vicar who chopped down a 140 year old tree and justified it by saying “A paedophile might have been hiding behind it”. This was

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This is a video of a neurologist talking about self-analysis while she had a stroke: I enjoyed the self-realisation more than the slightly moralistic ending, but it’s pretty cool none the less

Okay, so, Every single american I know is smart, aware of other cultures, and not a victim of selective editing. However: Via M, New housemate

Memes! That’s what I can do! Stolen from Carrie, incidentally. So, the rules of this one are: Load up all your music. Stick it on shuffle/random For each question, answer with the next track that plays. I was planning on

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Go to BBC Scotland’s Military Tattoo page, then click on “Top Secret Drum Corps”, then watch the video. They have black drums and neat hats (via the monestary)