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So, what do you think?

Welcome to my housewarming party, and to the brand new design and system for Aquarionics III. Poke around, see what you can find, use the little panel on the right to send me a message. The old archives are all here, most of the old content is back as well with a couple more stories. Stuff that’s vanished includes the webcam (Back when I get it working) “Mostly…”, which is morphing into the Informatrix, and the Music section, which finally generated enough “Please send me the MP3” requests for me to get bored and take it down.

Let me know what you think 🙂

Then there was my weekend, which was fun for degrees of fun I don’t deserve. Lonecat came down for a couple of days, Stuff happened, we went to see Cats & Dogs (decent movie, although obviously the wrong side won :->). She came and watched me filming the final part of the ever-so-long-running Dr Who Fan Project I’ve been helping with for just over four years now, and I almost introduced her to my parents.

That was close 🙂

I’m happy. A mental state I’m fairly ill-equiped to be dealing with right now.

Yay 😀

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