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After the events of yesterday, I spent all night on the database, and demonstrated it at mid-day at Uni. The prototype didn’t go too badly. Owen (Who was demoing the start) managed to get the password wrong (It was “Password”. It’s only a prototype 🙂 and so the message box came up saying “No can do, my friend, security is right around here”, which is only a small professional step above “I’m sorry, Dave, I can’t let you do that” which is what the message was the first time I wrote it. But I’m not sure anyone noticed.

Then I headed back to the flat for some sleep, and ended up sleeping 1300 – 2000, which means it is now 2300 and I feel as if it’s morning. In fact, I have confinced myself it’s Friday Morning, which is great, except I was working on Wednesday before I slept. I want my day back 🙂

Come to think of it, I never could get the hang of Thursdays

That little thing to the right, where the ICQ Status Box was, is the new Location System, written in 100% Pure Javascript (Yes I Know, Javascript Bad Evil & Wrong. But I know it well, and it’s the solution to the problem). In fact, it is a fork from the subtitles code, which will gives you a random message or a date-based greeting (“Happy Valentines”, fer’instance, and other Oxymorons). Basically, I’ve told it where I will be on date ranges, and it picks the right picture. Unfortunatly that is Local Date, so if your system clock is wrong, you may have a minor problem. It’s currently being rewritten in either Perl or PHP, depending on what I decide in the end.

From the above, you can learn I am still working on Aquarionics Mk 3 (This being V2r6. I switch versions when I totally reimplement the site in a new technology. V1 was HTML, Then I started relying on JS for includes (that *was* painful) so I wrote V2, which is heavily SSI based. Now I have so much Dynamic content (or stuff I want to make so) I need a new technology, so the site is being redesigned in PHP/MySQL with the assistance of a Book that Castellan (Thanks muchly) discovered on his shelves :). More news as I do it.

Yes, I should be doing Uni stuff. But Aquarionics is my playground, It’s main purpose is to give me somewhere to play, and learn the skills I need for the Real World. And Uni is not helping in that regard at the moment very much 🙁

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