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Things to say, things not to say.

I spent part of Thursday pacing a funfair like a mob-boss insuring that people didn’t get injured. This may make it into a story at some point.

I went to Cambridge. Stuff happened. I didn’t see Shrek, nor was any move made in that direction

I shall never be amazed at the tall conclusions people can leap to in a single bound, although the conclusion had *some* evidence for it, this was unseen by those that jumped to said conclusion, upon this subject I shall remain silent, and leave you to stew in your own juices for a while. Was that enigmatic enough, dear reader? I should hope so.

Stuff is happening, I’m introducing my little brother to the life and liberties of IRC, and in particuler the #afp channel. This is fun 🙂 State of the nation? Okay then…

Pennyhost (The people who host the wonderful world of Aquarionics) Sent me a bill I wasn’t expecting, at a price 150% higher than previously noted. This is irritating, and has meant that the Server Transfer is going to be push forward before it’s ready. This Is Bad, because Aquarionics3 (and, more specifically, the klind engine that runs it) is not even *close* to ready yet, mainly due to my switch from PHP to Perl. I’ll hack together a diary subsystem, I suppose, but this is not a good thing. The times, they are achangin’.

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