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Okay, I have the essay for passing my HND, and it doesn’t look too difficult (Famous last words? I hope not), So I’m putting it off as ever 🙂

How am I doing? Not too bad, On the more stable plane of existance, with nothing much changing. Pennyhost still suck lotsly, I’m still looking at moving servers, and flats, and everything else I want to shift somewhere else.

Techiewise (And Lonecat? IANAG) I am happy, because with Amy and Ccooke‘s assistance I now have a working Debian box as a gateway on the network, Which means the great Aquarionics3 Vapourware project is in full swing 🙂

Oh, and people are trying to matchmake me. In two seperate places, with two differant people. This scares me. Why is this happening just as I get used to the idea of singleness? Not that I object (Well, I’d prefer to make my own choices, but as official worshipper of the godess of provarication this is, I admit, unlikely. However. Er… I’ve forgotten what that was going to be about. So I think I’ll just close the brackets and get on with it), it just scares me slightly

Although not quite as much as the fact I appear to be better at reading minds than Winamp, which is saying something.

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