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Okay, The scripts have been re-uploaded, since there was a bug that was causing empty files. Bah.

I’m not doing anything again

In fact, it’s safe to say I’m back where I was a month and a half ago, except now I have even less hope, and I’ve left my main creative output. The *reason* I left my main creative output – apart from it being a timesink I can’t afford – is Pedantry

I am not, usually, a pedantic person. And I try to keep that, because pedantry is one of the most annoying things you can do. And to spend an hour or so on something, release it to the world, and the only response it gets where I released it is some mindless fucking piece of pedantry, I get annoyed. So I left.

See? Self absorbed, moronic, and faintly stupid. Welcome to my world. If there was *one* *thing* I could point to in my life and say “Yay, this is perfect” I could possibly cling to it. But the only thing *close* is my relationship with Lonecat, and the fact that not only is there likely to be a four week gap between seeing her again, but everything *else* I’m doing at the moment is failing to get me any closer to getting the mythical flat where Things Will Be Better.

Lonecat’s web server went down, so her diary is being hosted on Aquarionics, using the same engine that drives this and Geekhouse. It’s inspired LoneCat to write her own diary system, which is good. It’s also Not Good though. Yes, it’s irrational. Yes, it’s stupid. But whilst she’s doing Fencing, BUGS, University and having a life, whilst Barry (one of my only remaining friends locally) is having a Job, Future, and Life, and while everybody I know is moving forward, I’m still stuck where I was three years ago. Same room, Same employment status, Same computer. The only differences are that I am now three years older, I have a qualification, and I have a girlfriend. In increasing order of importance. But I’m still stuck in the same fictional town as I was three years ago, still making plans to move out that rely on other people looking favourably upon the forms, and still depressing about it in a diary. Just now, it’s online.

Sorry. At some point I shall code in something to make “private” entries, so you don’t have to read though this self-obsessed tripe.

Light-hearted life-observations back soon.


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