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Spent an entertaining day mucking around with Cookie’s Dungeon whilst talking to Lonecat and bullying people into holding meets to get me away from home this weekend…

I’m bored. I decided to download DJGPP today, the Free C++ Compiler, to brush up on my C++ skills, and write a plugin for Winamp that will auto-update that little “Music” box to the left. Amy‘s neatocool program to do it is crashing on me, and the one that’s doing it at the moment exports *horrible* HTML that I can’t customise. Which is irritating

In more geeky, but less random, stuff, I really have to crack on with writing the database someone wants to pay me for. Also the database for the Informatrix, the DB for Gamabase… I spent eight years complaining about how much I *hate* databases, and now I have discovered I think in the right number of dimensions to write them.

Funny how things happen, isn’t it?

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