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Hello there funseekers 🙂

Another day, another failure. I’ve broken windows on my main box (Delirium), by overwriting the MBR of /dev/hda1 when I should have been using /dev/hda. I now have to find a bootable windows CD in order to get it back. Ho Hum.

Still failed to work on the database, mostly due to the above screwup, although I now have my IRC connection working properly, my Windows box is going more and more unstable, in that every time I open a file from another applicaiton (For example, opening a DCC that mIRC has just finished), windows crashes. Quicktime crashes if I start *anything* before I start *that*, and Winamp crashes if I try to open it after I’ve closed it once this reboot. Grr. Bloody Windows.

It’s still better than Linux for some things, however, and playing Diablo II remains one of them 🙂 I’ve just managed to complete Act I (Ooooh, Well done Aq, you’ve only had it 8 months) in a couple of days fairly intence playing. Final Fantasy, however, is still impossible. I don’t think my people are high enough levels to defeat the current crop of enemies (Grr. I spent so much pouring time and skills into Aeris that when she (Warning, FF7 Spoiler ahead. Skip to next paragraph if you Don’t Want to Know) dies, I was in *major* amounts of trouble. Oh well. Soon I’ll manage it, then get FF8, Nine, then a PS2 so I can play 10, 11 …

Still on cloud nine over the whole Lonecat thing. This doesn’t happen. I’m dreaming. I’ve been dreaming for almost two weeks now. Okay, maybe this is happening. At some point I will actually have to say in *real* life the fateful words I’m so scared of. Preferably first. (Fateful words? Yes. Three words, of ne letter, then four, then three. Middle rhymes with “Glove”). Scary facts of the week include the number of people telling us that they “knew we would get together” for time periods ranging from two weeks beforehand to six months.


What with that, people matchmaking us, and everything, should we be suprised it happened? Because I am. Anyway, it’s quarter past Thursday, so I’d better go to bed. TTFN.

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