Dark Light

So today, I went out and bought my birthday present. I walked into Dixons, and I said “What ho, fair salesperson, One of your fine palmpilots, if you would be so kind!” and sayth the salesman, sayth he: “Ain’t got none, mate. S’posed to be a delivery later today. (looks at clock, realises that later today probably means “not until tomorrow” and sure enough…) If you wanna come back tomorrow, we might though. I dunno what’s in the order”

And so we (Me and Ben, my brother, supplier of lifts and occasional commenter to these fair shores) wandered over, at his suggestion, to the North Farm Estate, where there be more superstores, and McDonalds’, and shops and Cinemas, and whole reams of stuff. And there be a Comet shop, which did sell me a Palm m105 for two quid cheaper than dixons. And then another

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