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Aquarionics is back. The diary is back. Your most humble and obediant servant is also back. The new system isn’t *quite* ready for public use just yet, so I’ve got Klide (The new Diary Engine) running for the the new server while I put the finishing touches to Aquarionics 3, Klind Release 0.5, and Kewl 1.0.

What’s new? *Many* things are new since the 25th. I still spent a weekend without a meet since then. I went to CCDE, Cambridge, London, Bedford… And, along the way, I met new people, transperambulated psudocosmic antimatter, and…

…and along the way, the just-above-friendship I had with the wonderful LoneCat changed and mutated into something entirely new, and fantastically wonderfully good. We Went Official (much to the lack of suprise of all who knew us both, they apparently knew before we did) on Sunday. I have a wonderful Girlfriend.

(Gosh. That’s the first time I’ve actually typed that word relating to me and LoneCat. Yay of much Yayness. I haven’t stopped bouncing since Sunday. Happy Happy Joy Joy….)

I had, and lost, an argument with Pennyhost, who used to host Aquarionics. And I had, and won, a disussion with Kevin, who *now* hosts it, until I get my own server, natch :-D. So, to be brief, AFP has supplied me with a host, a Girlfriend, a number of New Projects, and coming up to six weeks of top-class-showbiz-entertainment.

Life goes up…

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