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This Story ends happily.

Once upon a time there was a handsome prince who wanted to be an Actor, and an overweight geek who didn’t know what he wanted apart from a Beautiful Princess. The two friends did Drama together at school. On the final night of school, Prom Night, the one Princess the Geek had been chasing for four years confessed her undying love for the geek’s best friend, The Handsome Prince.

The Prince was well aware of the geek’s irritation with this, and turned down the Princess, much to her irritation and the dismay of the Geek. The Prince went on to try to get into drama school, suffered some nasty stuff, and came out of the closet in the two years the Geek spent in Northern hell. Every so often they would go out somewhere, to a movie or something, and catch up.

One Saturday, when the Geek was in the bedroom of a new and more lovely Princess, having finally discovered what a manipulative cow the first princess was, the Geek got a phone call from the Prince, to explain where he had been the previous five weeks.

(Five weeks previously the Prince had been fired from his job working for the Postal Delivery System, for Bad Reasons).

The Prince had got into a play.

The Prince was three fairly major charectors in the National Youth Theatre’s new adaptation of Nicholas Nickelby, and the Prince was staying in London for the rehersal period, ie, the next four weeks, and would the Geek like Tickets?

The geek wandered back though London next day, saw his friend, and his friend’s new flatmate, and spent six hours fixing his friend’s new flatmate’s computer. In return he got a broken Laptop.

On Monday, the Geek went home.

The moral of this story is this: For some obscure reason, whenever the Prince’s life gets better, So does the Geek’s. But whenever the Geek is high, or low. The Prince is higher, or lower, or deep in debt.

The moral of the moral is this:

The more things change, the more you will find friends to change with you.

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