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This week has not been good.

In fact, this week has sucked in a massive, gaping way.

It starts with the fact that this week has been the most expensive week in my entire life. More so than renting a house in Cambridge, More so than buying a new computer, the pay cheque that cleared tuesday left my account like water though a drain.

And, because work starts again on Monday, I’ve been doing necessary things like getting a bike (which I now have, along with pain) and new glasses (Which I don’t have, ten working days for delivery), and getting food, and the whole dead-computer debarcle. So this week has been double-plus expensive, and with the hardware problems, it’s been ungood.

Then we come to today, when the shit went spinning towards the cooling device. I woke up, watched DVDs for a while, then checked my mail to find I had a mail from work regarding starting on monday. I followed it up…

…and have lost my job.

All good things come to an end, and I knew the contract would end, because contracts do. But apparently in the last week the company that has hired the company who hired me has dropped most of the projects we were working on, the team is to be cut back, and I’m one of the losses. They have been screwed around, and in return I have been screwed, because I was fairly reliant on starting work on Monday before I go insane.

It isn’t the company’s fault, I realise. There is nothing they could have done, but barring any last-minute emergency stuff happening on Wednesday to get the contract back – and even then I won’t be starting soon – I’m back on the job market. Yay Me.

Oh well, at least I have experience. Anyone need a PHP/MySQL/Paint Shop Pro/PFY geek?

And thus and verily the second hammer fell, becase the replacement network card didn’t. Because my network card is working fine. Because – after about four hours of me and ccooke trying to fix it – it turns out that my Motherboard is broken. Never rains, does it?

So, now unemployed, broke, and writing this on nemo, my 486 laptop with no battery life, so I can transfer it via floppy disk to ccooke’s computer downstairs (nemo doesn’t have network capability, I may have to find a parallel port network adapter somewhere) I can safely say that this week has not been good.

Double plus not good.

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