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OK, More detail on the previous two posts:

One, CCDE. CCDE is the Clarecraft Discworld Event, Held on the 28th-30th July this year. The Javascripty thing above says how far away that is exactly 🙂

One by one then, Discworld is a series of books writtian by Terry Pratchett and read by your humble servant and several million folklets worldwide, Clarecraft is a company that make Discworld Stufftm.

The new design? I got bored 🙂

The old Blue and white design was begining to give me a headache and took ages to load, and if I’m going to use Aquarionics has a CV piece, I need something looking a little more professional. There are a few bugs with running it in IE, in that if you have loaded us before, you may get a light-blue background, this is a problem with the cache system in IE4 & 5.

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