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And yet I still haven’t done anything. Okay, Nicholas, Get your act together.

I saw Titan AE just now (It’s 0325, and I’ve just finished watching it) and I have to say that it rocks most mightily, It’s a *very* good film. It has humour, plot twists, excitement, stuff, and romance. In fact, it has a level of Guy-Gets-Girl that I would have found distressing two months ago.

Now, however, it doesn’t. Although it does have a sequence of lines (Right at the end, Fact Fans, so I won’t quote it) that is so much like something me and Lonecat would say that it actually hurt.

Must go to Bath. Soon

It makes me jealous, it almost does. Lonecat has this wonderful social-life down in Bath, filled with fencing, fun, and actual projects whilst I’m secluded in this room. I could go out and see friends, but I can’t afford it. And, in the case of many of my friends locally, neither can they.

So I decide to go to Cambs for the weekend, which I can’t afford either, but will give me extra resolution to get the money together to move there.

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