Dark Light

Spent the day doing nothing. Played Diablo II. Completed another quest. Finished Assassin’s Quest. Sat for an hour dreaming of stories I will one day have to write. Went on IRC. Sat in silence for far to long. Read. Managed to miss my girlfriend leaving IRC by six minutes, exactly the same as I always do.

It’s like a weekend here, parents and brothers both had days off. My family isn’t good at extended times together, and I hate the tension atm.

I need to do something, to start a regular job. But there are no jobs around here that I am even vaguly interested in, and I don’t really want to remain here anyway. I want to move to Cambridge, to start Project Geekhouse with Ccooke and Lonecat. To, in fact, be within 100 miles of my girlfriend would be nice.

But no. I have every reason in the world to be activly job seeking. To move away from this hellhole, to move towards Lonecat, to have enough money to go to all these meets, and to junot be quite so soul-destroyingly bored.

So why can’t I just get *on* with it?

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