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You are standing at the edge of a river, Behind you is an infinate void, before you stands a bridge. Before the bridge stands a guard. With the aid of a long pike, the guard bars your way onto the bridge
Guardsman > Greetings $USERNAME, You will give me your password,
Guardsman > or you will not enter. Password?
You >

A bored programmer is a terrible thing. The above script is the first screen for the “Bridges” armadillo, My group armadillo for IT Environments, due tomorrow, and a primary factor in the lack of proper updates over the last few days. When the final thing is finished (It’s due in tomorrow, so probably Monday) I’ll put it online, since I had quite a bit of fun inventing it 🙂

Also Monday is the final demonstration of the long-running Group Project Database Armadillo that I’ve been mentioning for the last few months, This puts my final two projects finished and demo’d on the same day. After that it’s just Giraffes until the June 2nd Presentation.

(On Lonecat’s suggestion – and I’ve forgotten where that came from – I’ve started calling all e*ams by the less scary name of “Giraffes”. All A$$ignments have been renamed “Armadillos” in sympathy. This has the affect of confuzing people around me, but there we go. It stops me panicking)

My days are being divided into IRC, Usenet, Uni, and Assignments, with an added aim of getting into a proper sleeping pattern (Getting 10 hours sleep is *nice*, but I don’t have any time anymore…) And a meet in Nottingham on Saturday. Busy life 🙂

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