Dark Light

Writing this offline, since Blogger’s dead again.
What is Pixelation? I’ll endevor to explain.
It’s the state when I’m abstracted and detached from everything.
It’s the state where I write poetry, Or I write code, or sing.
No longer in the real world, detached from body’s stress,
my only contact with the world is by the keyboard press.
I confuse people around me, Those real and online.
Convincing those bufuffled that the logic there is fine.
Logic leaps, The minds eye swoops! The Idea Catches! Flys!
A story of betrayal flows behind my dark-blue eyes.
I let the idea flow into a file on the screen.
The editor within will read what those blue eyes have seen.
At some point in the future, the file will go online.
Other folks will read it, see the thoughts that once were mine.
But at this point I just don’t care, the world does not exist.
It’s just another story subject, somewhere on the list.
I like the time abstacted, my own world, planet, nation.
I try to make the most of my time in Pixelation.

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