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Ok, I mentioned a new section of Aquarionics. Project ANN is still under construction (The site is designed, the concept is made, but I have quite a bit of creation and research to do. A hell of a lot, in fact) but this little experiment is for you to see how much you can guess about the site from this article. This may or may not end up being cannon. The world it exists in is half formed 🙂


Last night the Head of the Skyline Construction Project, Mr Jason Webber, resigned after a disagreement with the World Order’s safety advisor. The center of this debate seems to be Mr Webber’s reluctance to totally trust Stoneweb in the construction of the boxes (or “carts”) that will take materials up the Skyline to the site of the new Clarke base.

In an interview, Mr Webber noted that Stoneweb’s properties have not had long-term testing, and the desire of the WO to rely totally on it was “akin to the decision not to have too many lifeboats on the Titanic” (The Titanic was the largest liner afloat when it was built, it didn’t even complete it’s maiden voyage. XR Entertainments 98-05-08 “James Cameron, Suicide?” for details of the film version of this event, which was never completed after the financial backing pulled out). Mr Webber joined the Skyline project three years ago, after the death of the previous manager, Susan Lacob. Webber was the first manager to take the helm who had not worked for the World Order directly previously. Mr Webber’s history as a construction manager is well based, as as an architect he won several awards [XR “AAC Prize for modern design, 24/05/96] before joining the SCP in 1997.

This is the last of many disagreements with the WO over the management of the project. Mr Webber and Ms Lacob both expressed concern over the speed of the project’s journy though the Senate, and how the precise details of the plan have never been public knowlage. Both have signed the Secrets Act, although Ms Lacobs had a meeting with a Journalist schedualed for soon after her death in 1997, where rumours circulated about a possible scoop for this very organization.

Mr Webber lives in Cambrigeshire in England District, Ms Lacob died in 1997. Her body was never found.

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