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Aquarionics now has an RSS feed. This is the standard that My.netscape, Slashdot, and various other places use for the headline-boxes you find on their sites. This is the first step in making a portal like the Linux Portacabin within the Kewl linking system. It also means that Klide (Aquarionics’ diary system) now does pretty much everything I originally wanted it to. It’s HTML/4.0, CSS/2, P3P, and WAI-AA compliant, The RSS feed now works, it supports multiple projects, previews and allows editing of posts. The only thing it /doesn’t/ do is spell-check. There are things I took out of the spec for Klide which I would now put in – stuff like being able to email in entries – which isn’t actually possible due to the way the mail on this server is done. If (when?) Aquarionics is hosted from my own flat, then it’ll run on a box that I can kludge this into, which would be cool.

In other news, I had a wonderful weekend, where I saw lonecat, Witnessed two people for home I am very happy being very happy in turn, and enjoyed dancing in a pub. It was dark, and I was wearing sunglasses.

Why? Aha, therein lies a story

The day being Friday, at 9:20 me and my brother left so he could give me a lift to the doctor’s for a Hepatitis C jab (Recently a place near me had an outbreak, so the county council is in “Quick! Stab people!” mode) after which I went home, procrastinated for a bit, and left for Pol’s house, where I was to stop over on the way to Sunny Bath, wherein my love lies.

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