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So the world continues apace. I’m still phoneless (Though the insurance documents arrived this morning, Yay), Codeless (I created the CVS repository for Epistula 1.0 last night, then stared at a blank editor for a while trying to work out where to start. Then went to bed) Storyless (The Story, which may become The Novel, has recently morphed into something entirely new), and Timeless (Lack of time to do anything. Hates it, we do). Work continues ramping up, and I’m staying on track for deadlines and stuff, Next week the other – more senior – designer is away on holiday, and he’s on a course until then so today has been setting tasks, official handover of stuff, and making sure the programmers have – at the very least – dummy images for everything, and offcial images for everything else. Next week’s going to be Fun…

Other? cc’s away for a couple of days, so me and LoneCat are making the most of having a lounge, I’m playing Age of Mythology, Sims Online Beta, and Battlefield 1942 lots, and waiting for Stuff to Happen. Last night we saw the second to last episode of Macross Plus (I bought it to give to Nikki, to replace the copy I lost, but she insisted I watch it first. So we are. Just slowly… Very… Very… slowly.

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