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Go see Zannah‘s recommendation of Mixed Company‘s version of Come On Eileen. Note, this is a song which I knew for the first 20 years of my life as “Come on Ali”, because I’d only ever heard it in nightclubs, and had been unable to hear properly. This is not similer to being unable to put things into words, which I hav e found very true about the whole DNA thing. Did you know that Stephen Fry was one of the people to put his tributes on the DNA website? Did you know that Googling for Stephen Fry comes up with the top three results being his Home Page, a fan site, and the text of a speech on suicidal depression? So I searched for Depression, which came up with a list of sites, and a link to Thespians, a program that acts out plays on IRC. It’s been a while since my last play now, so that could be fun to play with. But it does the Scotish Play, Which murders both sleep and other plays. Although at least it doesn’t mangle it’s own lines. Lead on Macduff, indeed. It’s Lay on Macduff. fools. This is another point, Would you take finantial advice from a company called “Fool”? Shirley them and their money would be soon parted. Although maybe that’s just the people who buy the books. And don’t call me shirley.

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