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There is nothing like a week off to get you working is there? (Sarcasm? Moi? You must be thinking of some other fishtank) I now have to catch up with a week of Uni work I havn’t done. Instead, I finally got the Aquarionics design up, including the Pumpkin. And the whole new Webmail system.

I even got taken up on an offer to host a mailinglist, so Aquarionics is now home to the infamous Ian Bostridge pages and mailinglist. So I set that up. I also have several things to write for Play and, of course, I’ve got to complete Planescape: Torment as soon as possible. Does this sound like work to you? No? it isn’t.

In other news (And I really should stop saying that, it’s rapidly becoming a catchphrase) my good friend Arissa is, as I type, winging her merry way to Sunny England across the atlantic, despite major problems when her plane made an emergancy landing. Lucky it did before it started across the Atlantic, really.

And I resigned from the Scifi Soc. Because, dispite it being a fantastic job that I would love to do, I am totally and utterly crap at it. Due to not being able to organise a celebration in a beer-factory. *sigh*

Plus, since I am nearly caught up on a months worth of Gossip since I went offline, I may even get time to put my webrings back on. (Really inconsiderate of Yahoo to totally screw up the entire Webring system a week before I go to Uni, but I digress).

So Wander, Read the stories, the reviews, the back-issues. Marvel at the speed of the new design. Cry when you hit 404 errors, and, whatever you do Tell me what you think!

Catch Y’all later.

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