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That really lasted, didn’t it?


I really can’t do anything right at the moment. I have screwed up almost everything I have touched in the last month, Aquarionics included.

This week I have had off of Uni, which gave me a bit of time to sit back and reflect on stuff. Aquarionics included. As I said below, I’m not going to do anything fancy until get to a point where updateing this daily is something I can do. This means that every other project (Except one, and I’ll explain that in an instant) has been put on hold. Worlds Apart I have Ended, Rainbow’s Web is uploaded as it is, S2 is dead, as is Project ANN, Play is up, but only as an archive of all the old stuff (It’s here, but beware, it isn’t finished. Not by a long chalk).

So, These are the aims:

1: To get Aquarionics Daily again. And Good.

2: To finish the Suds (Sunderland Uni Drama Soc) page

3: To get out of Sunderland, but that’s another thing entirely

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