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DFI on the whole “Life is good” thing. Time for honesty now, since 7 differant people have pointed out I am not my usual happy, cheery self. An explaination.

I missed a final deadline for my coursework today, losing 5% of the module mark. In the same week, I have been given two new assignments, both due for exactly the same day, same time. In fact, I got them within 2 hours of each other. One is a group assignment, of which I have been designated the Team Leader.

One of the people I took two years to get over has just come back online.

I got a minor (non-speaking) role in a major production. I fought it, and now have a minor role and a major role in said major production, as well as writing another production and the possibility of more on the horizon.

Of the five days in Uni this week I have been to 2, and of the 13 lectures I have a week, I have been to 6 (including last friday).

I have taken on a project I do regulally, which has grown from 50 tasks last year to over 210 this year.

Due to all of the above, and my inability to concentrate on doing anything, and of my general depression due to the above, two people have stopped talking to me, and one is threatening to leave the IRC channel altogther.

Aquarionics is still a long way away from being complete.

I still am unemployed.


Most of the above is totally my fault. All of it, in fact. This week people have walked all over me, relied on me (and I failed), trusted me (I still failed), and insulted me. If you look at all the above 8 items, 2 mean my academic life is crap, 2 affect my hobbies, 4 kill my online life, and 1 affects my finace. All of the above contribue to my social life, and so that two has drained.

I’m irritated with the world in general, and me in particuler. I want to hit someone, but again, that someone is me.

The worst part is that most of the above are Good Things, Kates return is good, and I always enjoy acting, and putting together the new stuff for Aquarionics (said project included) is something I *like* doing. The problem is that it all happens so fast.

It never rains but it fucking pisses it down.

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