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This is a public apology.

Since it is going out on an international web site, viewed by literally thousands of people around the globe (I wish) I couldn’t really make it more public without syndication. So here we go:

I seem to have fucked up quite badly

For starters, the entire debacle over the web site. How I could have screwed up the HTML badly enough for netscape to reject it totally I’m not quite sure. Secondly, the only updates recently have been apologies for the lack of updates to the web site. This isn’t good enough. If I want people to be here, I have to have things for them to look at. I can’t even say there is something “in the works” this time because there patently isn’t. The closest thing to completion is my CCDE Photos page which will be announced as soon as I finish uploading it.

Over the past six months I have had several fantastic ideas for putting Aquarionics in real hits. They have included a Universal Annotations System, an Online Comic (Was S2), a Parallel Universe (Project ANN), a Gaming site (play), and a whole host of others. Each of the above got designed (I have web site designs for each and every one of them), basic structures, updating systems. Even (in one case) the first three months of a story arc. But I totally and completely failed to get anything actually written at all.

Then I had the bright idea. I would move everything to a brand new format. It would be called “Nicks Notes” and would contain everything. It would be database driven, it would have everything Aquarionics used to have but updated daily, and it would… it would…

I got it designed, both on paper and PSP, before I stopped and thought about it.

I would have to learn PHP3, Perl and SQL; I would have to pay for a database to be hosted. And I would, once again, design it all, move everything to the new format and then… I would stop again. And this cycle could take months, in which Aquarionics would flounder as I tried to do too much. So here is the deal:

I am, as far as I can possibly do so, go back to decent daily updates. As of today I have my home computer connected again too and this will be easier. Once I have managed to do daily updates I will start on pulling the rest back together. Updating the Linux section (I spend half my computer-time in it now, the site shouldn’t really still say it’s uninstalled :-), the Games section (I have 6-month old reviews still to be posted), and finish the CV and Bio. Once I have all this consistently updated I will finish the new design and upload it all again.

Aquarionics. Bigger, Better, and more updated then ever before Will Return. See you then.

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