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And then, with a startling burst of energy to put the power of several suns to shame, nothing happened.

Oh, I got screwed by my bank, double-charged for a couple of things, and then was charged for the priviledge of being charged for them. This could recurse indefiniatly.

Much of the blogging world appears to be caught up in the fact we have probably passed the increasingly blurred line that’s labeled “War Begins Here”. Today is a sad day for peaceniks everywhere, for the government of this country at least have proved that it doesn’t matter what the people think, we don’t run this country after all.

“The grand plan that is Aquarion proceeds apace”, as Frank Miller failed to say in ‘Ronin’, and wasn’t relentlessly sigged by Stuart (TAFKA Aquarius). We move out of this house in less than two weeks (Two weeks exactly yesterday) and we now at least know which town we are moving to, or at least within twenty miles of. Reading here we come…

Apart from that, empty worlds. I’m working – slowly but surely – on the geekstuff.co.uk reviews system, the worlds nicest PIM (Which is slowly moving away from being internally XML-RPC based, though should aways have that functionality. Maybe I should look at REST-style things, or go back to my original C&R(Call & Response) ascii-based server idea. First, however, I must build some kind of interface to the database so I can remember to not forget weddings and such. The paid project I hinted at earlier I shouldn’t have done, for now the waveform has collapsed. The cat is dead. Possible employment is an experiement in superposition. It’s either going to happen and you’ll be employed, or it isn’t and you won’t, the wave-form collapses when you get a phone call or email. However, in deviation from Schrodinger’s cruelty to felines, you can effect this equasion by mentioning it to people under this law: “As more people know of your possible future employment, the probability that you will not gain said employment approaches one” (Aquarion’s first law of employment. There may be others). This particular project was so unbelivably close to actuallity that the only possible way the employer could get out of it would be to – say – Go to Mexico for a month on short notice before he has a chance to write and send me the specs of the project. For example. But, like the John Smiths, I’m not bitter.

I find it facinating that of the once sentance I made on the war, Laurabelle commented on one half, and Nick Boalch took me to task for the other half.

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