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I got back from work this evening at about 7ish, decided I couldn’t deal with socialness at the pub, and so fired up Ikariam, a web-based Civ-type game, where I am playing on Eta. I’m currently saving up for a new palace so I can build a new colony, which is going to require 50,000 bits of wood. So I set some more of my colonists to slave away in the newly upgraded lumber mill on my capital’s island and shut it down so they could get on with it, I’ll check it in the morning.

In Lord of the Rings Online, my main character – an elf hunter – is saving up for a house (life immitates art), so I spent a little while battling around the outskirts of Bree towards the Shire, beating up the occasional bear and harvesting the Ash Branches, the latter of which I can sell at the auction house in blocks of 50 for about 200 silver or so. Or I could work them myself into bows and sell those, but they don’t sell as well. Nobody was around for the group quests I’m working on, so I headed out.

I’ve recently gotten interested in Dwarf Fortress again, due to a combination of Mr Cooke mentioning it and Mr Requiem documenting his latest game in a way that is making me laugh. Plus, they’ve started making Mac builds, which makes me happy. Anyway, having started a new fortress and relishing the wonder that is not having to build a whole sodding irrigation system for farming (new fortress is partially on clay) I am aware that I’m harvesting the last of the wagon that my dwarfs arrived in for wood to build their beds (Dwarfs will not sleep on rock beds. Pansy bastards). So, I send out a fair percentage of my workforce into the wider area to cut down as many trees as we can find.

I’ve read a lot recently about the tendancy towards violence in modern video games and, given the above, have to wonder how many dryads are now working in the mass media…

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