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Janrien, My Dragon Age Character
Janrien, My Dragon Age Character
So, I’ve spent quite a while over the last few months playing Dragon Age. Less recently, because I hit another “I’ve screwed this up” bit, and I’m in the process of working up the grit to go back and redo it.

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Also, the 11th is exactly 18 months since the launch of the iPhone 3G, which is the phone I have been using since that date. (I have, incidentally, been really happy with the phone. I haven’t even felt the need to jailbreak it, though I keep considering it)

What connects those two pieces of information?

Yesterday, two interesting announcements happened between my leaving work for the pub and getting home. The bit relating to the first is that the new expansion for Dragon Age has been announced, and looks Really Quite Shiny, but the second is that yesterday Google announced the Nexus One, google’s newest version of the Google Phone, where they’ve taken a more apple-style control of the presentation than before. Looking at the specs and the video, it looks like this is likely to be my next phone.

People have been wondering at the release date, and why they didn’t just wait until the next major event (Probably CES), and the answer is above. All the people who bought the 3G on spec? Their contracts run out on monday. Guess what they’re in the market for then?

Of course, It’s entirely useless to me, unless I decide to pay the full unsubsidised $550 to get one shipped to the UK. Apparently Vodafone in the UK will have it in “spring”, so it looks like I’m stuck with the iPhone until then, or something neater comes along. I hear Apple will have this new thing…

  1. I’ve popped on from land of LJ to say I FUCCCCKING LOVE DRAGON AGE. Seriously, such an amazing game. I am on my third playthrough of it, because you can play a different character, make different decisions… The combat system is shit, but I don’t play it for that. The storytelling is superb, and the voice acting believable and well done, and a case of “spot the famous person from Sci Fi and Fantasy TV shows…”

    My main was a dwarven princess; I really reccomend you play either of the dwarf origins, they’re the brilliantly written out of all of them, and punch you right in the stomach concerning your character. I intially rolled a male Cousland warrior (human)but got to Orzammar and got confused, as the Dwarf lore was confusing. I ended up making a dorfie to work it all out, and promptly shelved my poor warrior as it was that damn good…!

    I don’t know how much you’ve played, so I won’t spoil it for you too much, but I took the coward’s exit, and was rather selfish; I wonder how that’s going ot translate into the sequel.

  2. herp derp sorry I haven’t had my morning tea yet, and typed that all up in a “I just woke up” haze.

  3. Hey, good to hear from you again.

    I’m currently doing the bits in the city before the landsmeet – Got up to fighting in the dungeons and realised I’ve forgotten to pack any health packs, so I’ve got to man up and do some backtracking.

    Did you see they’ve announced the expansion pack?

  4. Yep yep– looks good too. Apparently the ending you choose will effect the expac. Cool! BUTTT. If I dont have my favourite companions there I shall sulk. Dragon Age isn’t Dragon Age without Zevran flirting with anything breathing and Alistair being all snarky and shit.

  5. Yeah, not announced yet. I need to play through with other party combinations, I think. Mostly I’ve gone though it with Shayle, Morigan and Leliana with occasional guest appearances from Alistair in Leli’s place if I’m going to come back and comb for l3wt later.

    Also, I apparently need to play it as a mage. And play all the origin stories. And… and…

    What’s your DA login? I am Jascain, http://social.bioware.com/41317/

  6. Oh man, no wonder you were going on about health potions. Is Morrigan at least specced for pure healing/ crowd control? You need a ye olde tank/heals/DPS set up to beat the game, at least on anything above a normal setting. And OH MY GOD so much love for Shale. “What does It want? IT Speaks.” She’s pretty awesome as a party member too.

    On my main, I’m a Ranger Rogue (they’re so OP– you get a pet that does Morrigan’s shapeshifter abilities, it’s like an extra party member– even though it MAKES NO SENSE for my cave dwelling dwarf to be one) and I will always have Wynne in my party as her heals are brilliant. Either Shale or Alistair tank, and it’s either Morrigan, Shale or Zev as my other DPS. Leliana, Sten, Oghren and Dog got shoved at camp, pretty much., but on my other run through I am forcing myself to use the other party members.

    http://social.bioware.com/672892/ <—me

  7. Yeah. You can get by without a healer almost all of the time, if you have a decent herbalist and remember to stock up on Elfroot at the elvish camp, and mostly I use Mori for high damage stuff over shapeshifting, though that’s also useful. She’s got some healing now as well.

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