Janrien, My Dragon Age Character

Janrien, My Dragon Age Character

So, I’ve spent quite a while over the last few months playing Dragon Age. Less recently, because I hit another “I’ve screwed this up” bit, and I’m in the process of working up the grit to go back and redo it.

Photo by 37prime on Flickr

Also, the 11th is exactly 18 months since the launch of the iPhone 3G, which is the phone I have been using since that date. (I have, incidentally, been really happy with the phone. I haven’t even felt the need to jailbreak it, though I keep considering it)

What connects those two pieces of information?

Yesterday, two interesting announcements happened between my leaving work for the pub and getting home. The bit relating to the first is that the new expansion for Dragon Age has been announced, and looks Really Quite Shiny, but the second is that yesterday Google announced the Nexus One, google’s newest version of the Google Phone, where they’ve taken a more apple-style control of the presentation than before. Looking at the specs and the video, it looks like this is likely to be my next phone.

People have been wondering at the release date, and why they didn’t just wait until the next major event (Probably CES), and the answer is above. All the people who bought the 3G on spec? Their contracts run out on monday. Guess what they’re in the market for then?

Of course, It’s entirely useless to me, unless I decide to pay the full unsubsidised $550 to get one shipped to the UK. Apparently Vodafone in the UK will have it in “spring”, so it looks like I’m stuck with the iPhone until then, or something neater comes along. I hear Apple will have this new thing…