Dark Light

Last night, drank beer with co-workers and partners of co-workers and co-workers of partners of co-workers and ex-coworkers of partners of co-workers. Which sounds like more then five of us, and is in fact not. Crashed at their place overnight, snuck out early this morning to catch an early bus home, made a critical failure on my Bus-Catching throw and caught the bus to Bigglesware again. Bought newspaper, computer game, random crap while waiting for next bus. Read.

Read reviews of books. Read news. Got on bus. Read more reviews of books. Wrote a bit of mine. Got to Hitchin. Taxi home.

I’m in the City of Villains Beta (I can now say, since the NDA’s been lifted). I have a Mastermind Necromancer by the name of The Hat. The Hat doesn’t have a detailed backstory or world, but he does have a Hat. It is a very fine Hat, and helps him summon Zombies. He summons three Zombies, called Foozle, Woozle and Bumpkin. They are very cute zombies (Those are not my zombies).

I bought Battlefield 2 as well, but so far Single Player has crashed, and I have to get 200Mb of patches before I can play it multiplayer. Grr. So, now off to do great evil.

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