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Lonecat was around for the week after my birthday, which definatly counts as the best present I got this year. As that’s currently going against two drinks and a few cards. Yes, I’m being materialist.

But anyway, talking of materialism. In order to buy Cool Stuff, and Neat Stuff, you require Folding Stuff, so I’m back to looking for jobs. Well, for values of Back that include “I’ve actually started now”. Since finding a Job is part of the Great Life Project 2 (The Great Life Project One was to go to University and get a degree. Failed that one, so we move on) which is Project Geekhouse, updates to the great JobHunt go there. Also, I finally got around to coding the multi-user bit of Klide, so Lonecat & ccooke can both also post to /var/log/Geekhouse, the Geekhouse weblog. Excepting that my admin interface to it isn’t set up yet, and neither is the change-user-settings bit, so I have to manually put the admin_level changes into mysql, but thats coming soon. As soon as lonecat gets a test post working, other people can have access here. And other people will be able to have diaries here, which will be fun 🙂 (This, before anyone shouts at me for access, is long-term. K3 isn’t /quite/ production level yet).

Coo, what else? Lonecat got stuck in the arse-end of nowhere late last night when her trains were replaced with buses without prior warning. This would be bad enough if it hadn’t been me who convinced her to go to Oxford instead of going streight home. Guilt.

Oh, NSD will be updated all this week. And all next week, assuming I get my arse in gear 🙂

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