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Nothing scares me quite as much as the amount of people wo read this 🙂

Okay, an update, *deep breath*

I’ve done nothing

Well, Not /strictly/ true. I’ve almost finished the Story Archive site known as Project Albatross, (Just the rating system and the user editing system to go, fact fans) and I’ve spent most of the day in converence with people (Well, person) over how to set out a CV. My CV is currently 4 pages, which isn’t good, so it looks like some creative formatting will be required to get it down to the maximum 3 that I was always taught. Although, because I’m using LaTeX it’s 4 pages that look *really* cool when printed 🙂

The other problem is this ‘ere site. The best showcase for my abilities as a web-dev is the HTML/CSS/RSS/XML/PHP/SQL and everything that goes to make up the Wonderful World of Aqcom. But I can’t use it on a CV because it’s very much a personal site. I can see the point looming in the future where I will have to censor my diary, which I don’t want to do.

I’m kind of relying on any company which is bright enough to Google for my name to also be bright enough not to judge me by the archives of this diary.

Either way, I’m working on TerraI, the story archiving site, partly as a place to fill the void of the internet for free story hosting (Fanfiction.net notwithstanding) and also as somewhere I can actually point future employers to as an “I made this!!” thing.

Anyway, back to the text editor

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Ah, the first daily update fail. I went to a LARP event. I meant to queue some posts…