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The wrong question is “What did you do before the internet?”, today. Today’s question is “What do you do after the internet?”. We have no internet, because Virgin are futzing with the wires, and so I have a freshly minted day off and no internet to fuck around on.

That’s not strictly true, of course, since while I don’t have a wired broadband connection, I do have a 4G network living in the air around me. But it’s not great for latency-specific stuff, though it should be fine for blog posts. What did I do this week?


Some bits and pieces for a Skute set piece in a couple of weeks time. Over the last year or so I’ve hacked together a number of quick python scripts to perform common actions – check up on a user, update some content, test the upload system – and lots of them have been hacks to the core database. A lot of them sharing code with the API. This week I’ve been updating some of them to use the actual APIs instead, on the basis that anything I want to do with the data should be possible though it.

A bit more tidying on lifestream modules, including updating some things to use modules instead.


I’ve now done my Empire homework, and am ramping up for crewing Falling Down this weekend. I’m really quite looking forward to that. Brand new system for me, with a lot of people I like and don’t get to play with very often.


Mostly I’ve been playing Fallout New Vegas, because it supports shorter play-bursts than Pillars right now. Having said that, I’ve spent a *long time* on FNV, so that might not have worked ideally.

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