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Okay, in case it esacaped your attention, I crashed, and crashed badly, yesterday morning. I wasn’t going to post any more depressing stuff to the diary, but I have, and I apologise. Eventually, this ever growing pile of crap would crush me, and crush me it has, and so I can now get on with digging out.


Computer will be fixed tomorrow (or had better be, I’ve replaced every componant it could be now), then comes the fun bit. I update my CV, then start building a new website. A business one where this is personal, a professional one where this isn’t. I’m not going to pretend this page doesn’t exist – a simple search of Google would make me look like I’m hiding something – but something that I can show employers and recruiters without them having to wade though stuff like this morning’s entry and start doubting my mental wellbeing.

And, I’ll be designing a new site, which is always fun, and I need some fun.

I’ll probably move Forever to the new site, and in doing so give it a much-needed facelift and upgrade.

So, that’s the plan, techwise:

  • Get computer back before my birthday.
  • Play a truely epic games session.
  • Update CV
  • Epistula User & Events subsystems
  • Aquarion’s New Website, Basic structure
  • Forever Mark II, as an example of my skillset
  • Aquarion’s New Website, Advanced Stuff
  • Nomical
  • Become Rich and Famous

And, at some point within the above, put the gallery and writings back into Aquarionics. Aphrid 2.5 will come soon, but for now I’m concentrating on Things I Can Put Onto A CV. On top of this comes a redesign of Aqcom. Burying myself in work appears to be the method of coping atm.

Oh, did I mention I’m 22 on Sunday?

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